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FALL Session begins in late September
WINTER Session begins in early January
SPRING Session begins in early April
SUMMER offers week long music workshops & weekly classes. Subjects include: Jazz Improv Bootcamp, Music Theory & recording techniques, Funk n Groove, Jazz Composition, Middle School BAND, Trombone Workshop, Lessons
Portland Youth Jazz Orchesta

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New December 2016!

PYJO Combo Series -
A Retrospective Study of Small Group Jazz

Cost per Series - $185 OR $120 for currently enrolled PYJO students (in the upcoming session)

allows students to dive deep into the world of
Jazz and expand their knowledge of the history of
Jazz and the craft of soloing in various styles. The
small group setting allows students to gain
independence, get more experience soloing &
understanding the harmony. Each short session is
designed to fit a theme, build personalized solo maps
& increase vocabulary in a style that fits the theme.
Students will not just learn how to play the tunes &
take solos, but to perform in a way that honors the
thinking of the greats of that era. One session, a
drummer may learn how to play in a way similar to
the drummer on Louis Armstrong’s band. On the
next session, that drummer may be learning to play
like Elvin Jones, from John Coltrane’s band. Each
session will include a concert with the Medler

Study of 1960’s Post Bebop Jazz
Sunday, Mar 5 3-5pm
Monday, Mar 20 7-9pm
Monday, Mar 27 7-9pm
Sunday, Apr 2 3-5pm
Sunday, Apr 9 3-5pm
Sunday, Apr 23 Time 5-7pm at Mississippi Pizza 3552 N Mississippi Ave, PDX

2 Combo Levels same times / location (at the burlingame Space). Students should not commit to a series if they know they may miss more than one rehearsal.

New students contact us to determine eligibility &
band placement. An audition time will be set if
needed. Video auditions are welcome.
Current / Former PYJO students in bands
1A & 1B are eligible to sign up without audition.
PYJO 2A level students may audition.
Auditions will require strong reading skills
& knowledge of improvisation.

To get an idea of the PYJO 1a/1b level for the audition, see our auditions page. This will NOT be the same audition material. That material will be provided upon request & as needed.



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